Have you tried to opt Hotmail code and still been unable to receive that may happen due to a disturbed network stabilized issue and overtime limit and finally results in a Hotmail verification code not received, so get to know the solution here?

Guided reason's behind why I am not getting Hotmail code.

Using a Hotmail account for a very long time and don't know why it is stopped in between work and sometimes log out automatically and the problem arises when Hotmail verification code not received issue which may happen because for many reasons so follow here

There are many reasons behind the Hotmail code not working sent by the Microsoft team. This might happen due to a lot of reasons which have been listed below.

  • Check your mobile to see if the network is stabilized for the message to receive on time.
  • Verify the phone number you have entered to see if it is not wrong or invalid.
  • The security code always comes with a time limit, and you should know that it should not expire before entering it.
  • Check for the stable network connection on the device on which you are using the verification code because it always requires a stable internet connection for the verification to process correctly.
  • There might be some internal issues with the Hotmail account, like being under maintenance.
  • Everything you need to know about the Hotmail verification code not working.

Recommended steps for Hotmail verification code not received

Trying out many times for Hotmail code and still waiting for it as you won't able to get it because of disturbed network stabilized issue, over time limit results in Hotmail verification code not received so below are the expert's solution for you

  • Reach out for the security basics page of Hotmail in the first note.
  • Sign in to the same using the appropriate combination of username and password of your Hotmail account.
  • You are supposed to select the update the info option to move forward with the process.
  • The further step is that the user should follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Once you finish following all the steps, the Microsoft team will send you a verification code for further proceedings.
  • Now enter the verification code which you got in the given column.

This is how you can use the verification code sent by the Microsoft team. Still, if you face any issues, contact the customer service team for all queries.