Surprisingly, cow print is one of the hottest trends on the fashion scene right now. Sure, it’s not the first time this has happened — who could forget the bovine-inspired craze of 2008? But this year it seems to be more than just a passing fad, and we’ve seen cow print taking over stores across the world. From classic denim jackets to eye-catching dresses, here are our favorite ways to wear cow print in style.
1. How to wear cow print in style
There’s no shame in wearing cow print, you just need to know how to wear it in style. This is the key to pulling off any print, but it’s even more important when it comes to cow print. While all patterns work (go bold or go home), certain colors of cow print are more suited for certain outfits. Here, our picks for nine of the most memorable colors of cow print you’ll see in 2016.
Because of the shift away from leather, plus sizes are often overlooked when it comes to high heels. If you prefer a neutral option, spring is a great opportunity to sweep some designers towards colorful heels in the size 7–8 range. Come hot or go home, whether you choose a hot pink red or black suede mocktail, the key to wearing it successfully is the same: Comfortable and flattering across the board.
While on the surface, a crisp white tee seems like a common pick for a casual summer wardrobe, a number of brands have ditched this core tee for a rainbow red variant that’s as fun, yet sophisticated. With a subtle pattern, it can sit snugly against a perfect mullet while taking on different looks depending on your neckline and collar. Even better, you can layer these tees for extra comfort.
For a few stashed pieces to add to your suitcase, try our AJ Hoffman collection in burgundy marble — each pair is handpicked from his best piece of gear. As with anything he wears on the runway, he scraps nothing that can add character to a capsule collection. Whether it’s his sweatpants or his ripped vests, there’s always a reason to love AJ.
Paired with any color of shirt, this sweatshirt is ready for anything — and then some. With side-curl details inspired by the Z line from Kanye West, it’s as fun and different looking as it is flattering on. Pair it with a pair of jeans and you’re good to go.

2. 5 Tips for wearing cow print in style
Cow print is a bold pattern and many people aren’t that confident when it comes to wearing it. But when done right, this pattern can add a ton of personality to any outfit. Think of cow print as an accent.As long as you’re keeping within your price point, it can be a versatile piece for any occasion.
Here are a few designs to inspire you — whether you’re looking for something casual or something chic:
This crop of jeans is ideal for spring and summer. The shredded, cross-cultural style lends itself well to performance, while the different color options (including red, yellow and black) will make for an interesting outfit. If you’re looking for something extra special, the jeans come with spot remembers.
In terms of quality, this top is top-notch. It combines rugged thrift-duty with a sophisticated trim, and it's sure to please both men and women. Plus, the hoodie looks stylish with the jacket, and any child you have in your life will love the matching sheep elements, according to its brand, Umbro.
This jacket looks cozy and very sharp, while the textured exterior and collar give it a little bit of versatility. Because cow prints are so sharp (think Ash Goldberg, who graced Uniqlo 4X4’s fall/winter collection), it looks amazing worn with almost any outfit. Plus, don’t worry about your arms getting in the way with this oversized jacket. The shoulder loops adjust for a perfect fit.
Best known for creating coordinated outfits that are chic and fun for women, this camp-ready style has us buying it for both men and women. The pattern is neutral enough to wear with any top, but the addition of the matching earrings make it versatile. (Note: A boy scout version is also available.)

3. The top places to buy cow-inspired fashion pieces
If you’re looking for wardrobe staples that are both cute and affordable, shop for pieces inspired by cows. Cow print clothing is a big trend this season. From dresses to sweaters, the cow print is everywhere. Cow print clothing is a great place to look for wardrobe staples that are both cute and affordable. How bright is your creative eye? Cow print can make a statement in any wardrobe. Picture the informal, yet chic, outfit above — you won’t have to bundle up in layers to outdoor gym class or take your kickboxing class in the nude. This lazy sundress made from achitectural fabric is perfect for any summer outdoor activity, whether it’s a restorative yoga session or dancing at summer music festival.
4. The best ways to wear the trend
Denim has been making a comeback the past few years and it’s not going anywhere. In fact, denim is a trend that’s here to stay. Denim has been a wardrobe staple for years because it’s a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. If you’re looking for a different fabric to mix and match, purple denim is another great alternative. It’s soft and light, yet still has a classic denim feel thanks to its dark purple hue. You can adjust the fit of your denim depending on your size, but many brands have crafted slim t-shirts in the shade for both men and women. You can buy these pink jeans with a rainbow print or pair them with orange or yellow jewelry. Check out the checker versions of some of our favorite jeans here, as well as a more formal gray t-shirt dress.
When it comes to high-waist jeans and cowboy boots, blue and black have got the perfect alibai. Developed in Japan around the turn of the century, blue and black jeans not only exude class, they can also be extremely practical. Mixing the blue and black jeans you already own with accessories like belt, hat or gloves can elevate your look. Shop these dupes of popular blue jeans and boots.
The return of distressed jeans is a trending topic right now. It’s not just a fashion trend, but an attention-grabber. Look for distressed jeans that have minor stains or marks throughout the body near the knees, or where the jeans meet the bottom of the pockets. These jeans don’t have to be tattered, but they do need a little TLC. Wear them with a simple blue shirt with a white pocketcloth and tie. Don’t be afraid to get a little Ma and Pa-zation in your denim.
While bright colors are trending, neutral colors can work just as well. Any time you can find a fabric that’s a bit pastel has got to be a good thing.