I have zero motivation to OSRS Gold try again. There's nothing capable of making me want to give the game another go at the very least I can think of. The game doesn't really interest me enough to keep playing. In fact, I've become so bored with games that I don't want to buy Fallout 4.

Although I have been at times tempted, I am always capable of changing my mind. This is crazy considering how much I enjoy Fallout. To give you an idea I purchased Skyrim several months prior to it's release, and I was watching the Steam countdown to install the game as soon as possible.

I bought a new gaming laptop to enjoy the game as well as other similar games. I was unable to play the game the day it was released. It's not that I enjoy TES in the same way I like Fallout. I'm becoming older. My priorities are changing and I no longer am as interested in playing games as I used to.

RuneScape wasn't very interesting. The game was boring The majority of players I got along well with and the Sal's Community have been either gone or have ceased to exist. The clan community was there, but I left, but the only clan I can see myself joining is closed and the core members moved to other games that I am not interested in playing.

It's a bit sad but it appears that the RuneScape part of my story is really done. Over the past 10plus years, I've quit and Buy RuneScape Gold went inactive a lot. This is the first time that I'm truly done with Runescape.