If you are looking for a top list of Software Testing interview questions and answers for freshers, then you are at the right place. In this blog on Software Testing, we are going to concentrate on Software Testing questions and answers. The ones that are most likely to pop up at interviews.

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Following are the top software testing interview questions and answers for freshers:

  1. What do you understand by the term Use Case testing?

Keeping in mind the end goal to recognize and execute an application’s functional requirements all the way from beginning to the end, “use case” is utilized and the way in which this is done, is known as “Use Case Testing”.

  1. Explain the basic difference between Static and Dynamic testing?

Dynamic Testing: This method of testing can be deployed if and only if the code is present in an executable form.

Static Testing: To implement the Static Testing method, the code isn’t executed and it is deployed using the software documentation.

  1. List out the various Test Levels

The different levels in Software Testing are as follows:

– Unit/Component Testing

– Integration Testing

– System Testing

– User Acceptance Testing

  1. What do you understand about a Latent defect?

A Latent defect is the one that is existing in the system and does not lead to any failure since the exact set of conditions have never been matched.

  1. Define Mutation Testing

Mutation testing is a technique that comes in handy to recognize if a set of test data or test case is useful by purposefully introducing different code alterations (bugs) and retesting using the original test cases/data to decide whether the bugs are detected.

  1. What amount of testing is enough?

One would not be getting a fixed response to this question. Testing is an ongoing process without any limits. Nonetheless, one can utilize risk metrics (risk-based testing) to distinguish the possible scenarios that can lead to maximum damage or the portions of the software that is generally utilized with the goal that we center our time and efforts to those areas that are very critical.

Testing ought to give enough information regarding the status or application’s health, so that the stakeholders can settle on an informed decision on whether to release the software or invest more time in testing.

  1. Which are the common risks associated with a project failure?

– Restricted budgets

– Not possessing sufficient human resources

– Time constraints

– Improper setting up of the Testing Environment

Are the common risks that could lead to project failure.

This was the list of highly probable Manual Software Testing interview questions and answers for freshers.

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