In addition to painting, powder coating may be utilized to color a material. After that, the substrate is baked at a suitable temperature to melt all of the powder. Powder coating is more resistant to scratching, cracking, UV radiation, corrosion, and other types of wear and tear than liquid paint.

The powder is delivered to the target area using charge guns and a fluidized bed in which powder is introduced into the air cavity chamber at the bed's bottom. This procedure is used to apply the warmed coating to the substrate in order to ensure adhesion.

Successful powder coating needs thorough surface preparation. Ensure the substrate is devoid of oil, lubricant residues, oxide stains, and other flaws. Various methods can be used to remove stains from the substrate, depending on the substrate's material, stain amount, and cleaning area size. Before utilizing the goods, make sure they are safe for your health.

Rather than sand, non-metallic materials such as wood, plastic, and glass can be blasted using silicon carbide grit. To prepare the surface of steel constructions such as beams for powder painting cast steel shot is employed.

The coating ingredient contains pigment powdered particles. Over the surface, electrostatically charged particles are sprayed. At the conclusion of the treatment, electrostatically grounded particles securely adhere to the surface.

After applying the powder to the substrate, it must be cured in an infrared or convection oven. It is cooked to a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes. In this method, powder coating is heated and allowed to adhere permanently to the surface.

This may result in a finish that is more durable and sticks to the surface better than conventional painting procedures. Being chemically robust, solvent-free, and environmentally benign are significant factors in its widespread use.

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