You may be wondering what you can be expecting when dining in the Vietnamese restaurant. In this article , I'll provide some details about Huong Lan which is an establishment owned by a family that is located in downtown Seattle. The first thing to note is that Huong Lan is highly rated 4.5 by Google. In addition, you have the option to dine in or take it out. You can also take food for delivery or enjoy the tranquil atmosphere outside. If you're in search of an exciting dining experience in Seattle Huong Lan is definitely worth a visit.

Huong Lan is an family-owned company

If you're looking for a restaurant to savor authentic Vietnamese food, Huong Lan in Nanaimo is worth a visit. It is possible to enjoy Pho and other Vietnamese favourites, order takeaway or eat in. Huong Lan's menu evolves regularly and reflects the variety of comfort foods available around the globe. Alongside the menu they have a bar that is fully-stocked where you can sip drinks or a drink while waiting to eat.

The first Sacramento location was shut down in the year 2006 but Huong Lan is still in business in Folsom. They offer Vietnamese as well as American sandwiches and also champagne, spring rolls as well as other fried foods. They also offer a wide selection of Asian desserts along with an assortment of drinks and various fried food items. For dessert, you can choose flan or a massive tapioca drink.

It's rated by Google 4.5

Find out what others are commenting on Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant on Google by visiting their website. The restaurant serves Vietnamese cuisine in a cozy environment. Huong Lan has been awarded 4.5 by Google. The eatery serves up authentic Vietnamese food in a cozy environment. The menu is constantly changing. There are many vegetarian options too. The restaurant is situated within the heart of Downtown Vancouver. It's easy to locate with public transportation or a car.


If you want to drink, go to one of the numerous local Vietnamese establishments. Huong Lan serves Vietnamese food as well as takeaway. Drinks served at Huong Lan include grand marnier and iced tea, as well as fruit tea as well as root beers. The customers can also drink Vietnamese coffee as well as bubble tea as well as fruit tea. Huong Lan has been highly rated 4.5 in Google by customers. The menu is subject to change according to season. The prices are reasonable as well. Huong Lan is a welcoming staff who are knowledgeable, and they offer Vietnamese as well as Chinese food.

It provides delivery or takeaway.

If you're looking for something more unique Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant might be just the perfect place to go. With delivery and takeaway choices, you'll be able to enjoy the delicious Vietnamese food at your personal pace. The restaurant's menu is varied and includes everything from pho , to spring rolls. The restaurant serves a variety of Vietnamese specialties and beverages which include biodynamic wines. For vegetarians, there's plenty of vegetarian options and.

The restaurant is run by a family and serves authentic Vietnamese meals, including pho, to local customers. If you're looking to have a family meal or an elegant dinner with your friends, Huong Lung Vietnamese will surely delight. Huong Lan Vietnamese also provides fast delivery options, which makes it perfect for events and gatherings. Pho soup as well as other dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, and are great to share. The restaurant also provides delivery or take-out service so you can enjoy your favorite dish at the comfort of your house.

It also has seating outside.

Outdoor seating is just one of the many advantages that come with Huong Lan Vietnamese Restaurant. The establishment serves traditional Vietnamese food in a relaxed atmosphere. The guests can take in breathing in the air as they dine outside during the summer months. The restaurant also offers bars as well as an extensive wine selection. It is also possible to enjoy Vietnamese food while sipping cocktails. Here are a few benefits to sitting outside at this restaurant:

The name of the restaurant is derived from a popular flower found in Vietnam as well as the name of a popular Vietnamese singer. Huong Lan's owners Huong Lan were looking to establish an outside space near the Community Regional Medical Center, therefore they placed up a signboard that reads "downtown" and "downtown" in Vietnamese. Huong Lan is available 7 all week, between 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. The food is great as are the costs affordable.

It also offers it with pho

The casual and relaxed ambience of the casual atmosphere of this Vietnamese restaurant is an ideal option for couples, families and singles. There's bun bo hue, pho and a myriad of other delectable food items from Vietnam with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is possible to get a takeaway for delivery. There is a large menu available. You can also take a big group's portion of pho ahead. The food is served in a family-style manner to allow you to take it in with your friends or family.

If you're in search of authentic Vietnamese food and authentic Vietnamese food, this Georgetown restaurant is to go. It's not just serving Pho, but it also offers sandwiches, rice bowls Noodle bowls salad bowls, many other Vietnamese dishes. The service is pleasant and fast. Staff members will even help you to your seat if you aren't able to attend in the restaurant in. The restaurant also provides catering services.