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Thermoplastics belong to the family of polymers. They are highly desirable and popular industrial materials because of their durability, lightness, and low production costs. One of the reasons they are widely used is their ability to be melted and recast again and again, without any deterioration in their quality and strength. They can be molded into any shape and form once they are heated. Because of their high performance, durability, and reliability, thermoplastics are used in industries where quality and performance cannot be risked even to the smallest extent. Industrial thermoplastics are frequently used in making components for industries such as aerospace, medicine, and electronics. In this article we have discusses five reasons and advantages of using thermoplastics for can’t-fail applications.

While you are thinking about the perfect for your industrial use, there are a number of options from which you can pick. Your list might include other polymer classes such as elastomers or thermosets, and also non-polymer materials such as metallic, ceramics, glasses, or hybrid composites. However, you must first consider the performance requirements of the product that you are going to make, and then you can think about design engineering and other aspects. With this approach in mind, you can select the right material easily.

For example, it is critical to have durable material if you think a specific product will be subject to high pressure, temperature, shocks, and friction. Most of the time, thermoplastics are considered the perfect material for can’t-fail environments.

Let’s take a look at five determinants and characteristics of thermoplastics that will help you decide whether you should use Industrial Thermoplastics Austin for your next project or not.

1.      Chemical resistance

Thermoplastics are resistant to chemical reactions which make them the perfect choice for seals and valves. If put in contact with gases or other fluids, thermoplastics do not degrade or deteriorate quickly. Because of this quality, they are considered desirable for use in can’t-fail applications or extreme environments. This includes using thermoplastic valves in energy sectors for oil and gas pipelines, in the health sector for making medical implants, and in aerospace for making aircraft components. As the gas and other fluids do not permeate into the thermoplastic easily, it makes the polymer material ideal due to its rust-resistance characteristic.

2.      Strength-to-weight ratio

In those sectors where weight is one of the significant factors, the polymer material is perfect for use. As thermoplastic is durable while being lightweight, it is preferred over metals that extend the same level of strength but are heavy in weight. Because of this aspect, they are popular for use in aerospace and automotive applications.

3.      Durability

 Thermoplastics are perfect for use in sensitive and can’t fail applications because they offer a high tolerance level against temperature, pressure, and fatigue. Moreover, they are abrasion resistant which adds to their durability and makes them suitable for the engineering sensitive components of sensitive industries. 

4.      Cost

Compared to metal components, thermoplastic components are easier to manufacture and also cost less. Since polymers can be melted at a much lesser temperature than those of metals, it is easier to form and mold thermoplastic components. In the case of polymers, there is no involvement of secondary operations such as finishing; therefore, they are produced at a much lower cost.

5.      Sustainability

There is a bad reputation attached to plastics when it comes to sustainability. However, thermoplastics can be recycled and reused which helps uphold the responsibility towards a green environment. By keeping plastic waste out of landfills, the environment can be kept safe and protected from the toxic effects of thermoplastics.


As the abovementioned benefits indicate, thermoplastics are highly beneficial for the performance of the applications, human safety, and environmental protection. We can’t begin to imagine the disasters attached to gas and oil pipelines leakage in an aircraft; therefore it is critically important to use highly reliable material for manufacturing these cant fail applications.

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