New World has been launched for a month. During this time, many players have bought RPG New World Coins to get better weapons and a bunch of players even reached the highest level 60, but one player based on his unique gameplay, without killing enemies or equipping weapons, reached the highest level -60.

Sharing their achievements with the New World subreddit, user Iventilde, who played the role of No Kill in the Themiscyra world, showed off their skills and other achievements to prove that the challenge has been completed. The way this player can accomplish this impressive feat is to earn XP by upgrading trade skills, especially harvesting, mining, and logging. Every time resources are collected, some XP is granted. But to accumulate to 60, it takes about a month and enormous effort. So many players will prepare some New World Coins to make their leveling path easier.

In this challenge, because it may not kill the enemy, the player cannot proceed through the story, so there is no way to complete the expedition and other methods to collect XP quickly. The player mainly lives near Everfall, where there are plenty of mining locations. Besides logging, mining, and harvesting, fishing, like woodworking, smelting, weaving, and stone cutting, seems to be a popular leveling route. In fact, players can also use these methods to make items and sell them to get some Amazon New World Coins. But before the player reaches level 60, none of these trading skills have reached the highest level of 200.

Iventilde claims that the next challenge will be to upgrade all weapon skills again without killing, but the logistics to achieve this goal are still being planned. In fact, for ordinary players, they can buy New World Coins to upgrade their weapon skills quickly. So players who are interested in these challenges can pay attention to it. Ordinary players only need to prepare sufficient RPG New World Coins.