Localbitcoins clone script is one of the top-notch crypto exchange business models. Everyone can post classified ads to buy and sell bitcoins and exchange payments. so many crypto enthusiasts and startups budding interested in starting a crypto exchange like the LocalBitcoins clone script.

What Is The Localbitcoins Clone Script 

Localbitcoins clone script is the p2p crypto exchange platform script to start a crypto exchange platform. It replicates all functionalities and features like the LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins clone script allows the users to post classified ads to buy and sell the bitcoins and exchange payments.

Business Benefits Of Localbitcoins Clone Script  

There are some business benefits..,

Multiple Trading

Localbitcoins clone allows multiple trading options, such as margin trading and otc trading.

200+ Cryptocurrencies

Localbitcoins clone app supported the 200+ cryptocurrencies.

Immediate transactions

In this platform, transactions will be done immediately without delay.

Multiple Languages Support

Localbitcoins clone script used users all over the world so allows multi-language support.

Customizable features

This has customizable features so features can add and delete the admin purpose.


The LocalBitcoins clone script is a cost-effective script. the development cost around 4k to 5k USD.

These features are high revenue generated for your business. many entrepreneurs arise the questions where can I buy the LocalBitcoins clone script, here is the answer.

Where Can I Buy The Localbitcoins Clown Script 

Many crypto exchange development companies provide the LocalBitcoins clone script. Clarisco solutions is one of the best Crypto exchange development companies. They have provided the 100% bug-free and customized LocalBitcoins clone script to the clients. 


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