Enterprise Resource Planning applications have been around for a long time and to run a successful business is a must to have. 


In this transformed scenario, Girmiti software is well equipped to provide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) related solutions. The company has vast experience in implementing ERP solutions and very well knows how to build out the next-generation front-end channels using the web, server, wearable, and mobile technology.


With business going global and instant information being the need of the day, the channels to access and update the information have necessitated the use of mobile devices. Users now expect to be kept updated through Email, SMS, automated IVR calls, and notifications.


For the customers, the company has worked on a bunch of solutions related to ERP; Mobile applications for various functions such as Sales, distribution, Logistics, Vendor Management, and PPC in the verticals of Retail, Food chains, and sports in providing features such as:


  • Dashboard
  • Key Statistics
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Stock Movement
  • Potential out of stock
  • Distribution
  • Logistic interfaces
  • Payment interfaces
  • Portals & Reports
  • Shopping cart interfaces
  • Approvals
  • Instant alerts and notifications to the key stakeholders – SMS, Email, Push notification
  • QR and BarCode tagging, publishing, tracking, and status updates
  • Process flow automation

ERP solutions have been used to manage PPC, Inventory, Logistics, Distribution, Material Tracking, and Warehouses. Solutions are available for customers to choose from based on the scale of their business and operations in retail, and food verticals.