Secrets of compelling messaging and positioning


Content is the King in marketing. Erin Pearson spills some secrets to writing high-converting messaging and getting your positioning right. There’s a reason “content is king” is such a prevalent expression in marketing. Content touches everything you do – from website to ads to emails to social, and a lot more – meaning it often forms the first impression anyone will get of your brand.


Positioning - Often, positioning is confused with your vision, messaging, or taglines. The reality is that positioning informs all those things because it shares with your customers why you’re offering is differentiated and what they will get if they buy from your company. It’s critical to get your positioning right because it highlights your best value to your specific target market. The messaging and taglines reinforce that position. So, what are the steps to uncover your positioning?


Start by talking to your customers -


Discover your competitive alternatives - Set up interviews with your clients to ask them which competitive alternatives they know. The answer may surprise you.


Understand your value from the eyes of the customer - Drill into what value your clients are getting from the product/service. Go beyond what their favorite features are and why they like them.


See your unique characteristics - Follow this question with what you believe your differentiators are by asking “What do we do/have that others don’t?”


Despite its importance, good writing is spectacularly difficult. Pair this with an increasing deficit in writing skill created by a move to video and visual content marketing, and an oversaturated Internet filled with consumer and corporate content, t’s become harder and harder to stand out. Good news for those brave at heart writers, there are a few secrets to writing high-converting messaging. It starts with getting your positioning right!


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