In recent days, many crypto communities discuss the topic. WazirX is one of the top-notch crypto exchange businesses in India and many peoples are interested to trade the platform. WazirX is a high revenue-generating business & Indian-based crypto exchange platform.

Let’s Know About The WazirX Clone Script 

WazirX clone script is the p2p crypto exchange script like WazirX. it is all functionalities and features replicated to the WazirX. it is easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and exchange them.

It is a ready-made script so you can launch it within a week. WazirX clone script is a 100% customized script so you can include add and remove the features for your option.

Let us talk about the WazirX clone script benefits..,

Benefits of WazirX clone script


WazirX clone script development cost is around 5k to it is a cost-effective script.

Beta module

You can test the beta module.

Time period 

Usually, the WazirX cone script launches within one week.

User-friendly interface

WazirX clone script is the precoded script so easily to access the script.

Feature of the WazirX clone script 

  • OTC trading
  • Margin trading
  • 200+ cryptocurrency support
  • Multi-language support
  • Escrow wallet
  • Admin panel 
  • KYC/AML verification 
  • Atomic swap
  • Trading bot

The top-notch benefits and features are added in the WazirX clone script so many peoples are interested to trade the platform.

If you have interest start our own crypto exchange like WazirX. but have no idea about the WazirX clone script.don’t worry!! I would suggest the best WazirX clone script provider to you.

Clarisco solution is one of the leading crypto exchange development companies. They have provided the 100% customize and ready-made WazirX clone script to the clients. They will assist to launch the crypto exchange business like WazirX.

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