Corporate headquarters offices are marquee locations that set the tone for what are often global operations. They tend to be in business centers like New York City, and they uphold the highest standards for every detail. It's why NYC office cleaning companies must deliver the highest caliber service to do their part in keeping these locations spotless. Since the coronavirus pandemic, it also means expanded disinfecting and sanitizing of shared touch points. The janitorial service these offices require is far from sweeping the floors and taking out the trash in a more basic and rudimentary manner.


High-end interior elements need special care as they are cleaned. It takes the right products and know-how to protect and preserve their surfaces. Historical interiors with wood-paneled walls and other luxury appointments such as marble floors must be expertly maintained. Natural elements can be dulled and damaged by soap and water, so having proper cleaning techniques is a must. Top office cleaning contractors train their team members and equip them with special implements and products to do the job right. When employees from remote offices visit headquarters, they must notice a difference.


If you're in facilities management and have been trying to handle the cleaning at your office with in-house staff, it might be wise to consider outsourcing. Contractors who specialize in high-quality cleaning can make an immediate improvement while staying on budget. Handling things in-house means paying staff, keeping them trained and outfitted, and buying (as well as maintaining) the needed equipment. Altogether, it's a lot of strain on your budget. If you try interviewing several contractors, you'll be impressed by the caliber of daily service they can provide for surprisingly competitive rates.


When you have a highly effective cleaning service at your office, you can also expect dust-free surroundings to help asthma and allergy sufferers. At first, dusting may sound more like a home cleaning task, but it also matters in offices. Carpets and upholstered surfaces can hold dust and dust mites when not properly cleaned, which means using high-filtration vacuuming equipment. Restroom sanitizing is another high-priority office cleaning function. People want restrooms that are spotless and smell fresh. Today's eco-friendly cleaning products kill viruses and bacteria with less harsh odors.