Salt Giant's "Salt Sprinkler" move will only occur randomly in the final stage of the battle Lost Ark Gold, once you've knocked off a decent amount of his health down.

If you're having trouble to get out of the Salt Giant's reach, popping an Swiftness Robe or two would be advised. While it is true that the Salt Giant is not weak to any kind of injury, Flash Grenades will still deliver a substantial amount of damage and give you a leg up. Although the Salt Giant's aggro is entirely random, if you are unable to find a group to take on him Luterra's Horn may prove helpful in drawing some of his rage away long enough to get some effective hits, especially for melee-type class.

How to Take on The Salt Giant

Salt The giant sip salt with his hands to target a player

Altogether I think that overall, the Salt Giant is a perfect World Boss to start with for your "Boss Hunter: Novice" achievement challenge. While it's a powerful attack but they are also easy to dodge if you travel in a circle clockwise around him, and only attack when his back is towards you. Once you have his attack pattern down, avoiding the attacks will be a cinch.

A bug in the cursor that is sticky is causing players to lose the game's latest Legion Raid

The 'Destined For Destruction' update for an action-oriented fantasy game Lost Ark arrived last week but it appears to have introduced a bug that causes the cursor to stick to an area of the interface and prevents clicking. Reddit User Sagezu was confused by the bug on the weekend, and expressed their frustration at being unable to get out of the game's first Legion Raid, Valtan, which arrived as part of the update for May Lost Ark Gold Buy. From the comments posted the other Lost Ark players were encountering the same bug.Lost Ark Leveling Up Various Paladin Skills