A sex doll is a sex toy modeled after the sexiest woman in the world. The corpse is also anatomically correct. From eyes to toes, female and male sex dolls are professionally made to look and feel like the real thing.

Can the dream of a small sex doll come true? Well, first I need to know what dreams people have in life. Yesterday, during promotional time, I saw a point about lottery tickets. It shows people's dreams. They want a big house, an express train, a beautiful wife, a swimming pool and a boat trip. When I told my lover about it, he just smiled and said: If this is people's dreams, our world will look sad because he doesn't know the winner.

I asked him what his real life dream is and what I can achieve for him. I want to know which dreams can be fulfilled with love dolls.

Laurentia-156cm Big Breasted Japanese Female Teacher

The lover held me gently in his arms, sighed and said: almost everyone's greatest dream is love, and you gave me a lot.

My baby is right, the most important dream of almost everyone is to be loved. But can love dolls really do that? He told me it depends on how you define love.

The love doll that I knew from Cheap-doll didn't initially satisfy love. They are mainly sex dolls. They are designed to give people a beautiful and sexy woman by their side and they can have a lot of fun in bed. But people and our little souls, and maybe sometimes God makes people suddenly see us more. Then we evolved from a sex doll into a person, something people like. Whether people love us because they can take pictures with us and realize their ideas, or whether they find souls in us and love us almost like the relationship between a man and a woman, that is secondary.