Sex dolls have more complex conversations with customers, and the company also offers features with more advanced models. The website states: an electronic plug-in that can be paired with us via Bluetooth. It can detect touch, movement, and the transition from mild arousal to orgasm. The company is currently developing robots with clearer reactions and built-in sensors. More faces are transferred from the static puppet line to the robot's AI face.

The animated facial robot series now has five faces. There will be more this year. There are currently no other animated puppets/robots or this type of learning AI on the market. The police and fire brigade will be notified to inform you of what is happening in your home. “With the development of artificial intelligence, the possibilities of what you can do are limitless.

Sex Doll with advanced AI use futuristic vision to act as home security system. Sex robots have been able to talk and express themselves to their owners, but company officials believe this technology will continue to evolve. This sex robot with advanced artificial intelligence is said to become its owner's security system through its technology, which can offer unlimited possibilities.

Real Doll manufacturers produce a number of models of the T4.0 and T4.2 versions. The artificial intelligence learning system allows robots to form a series of expressions and have more complex conversations with customers. Last month, one of the models spoke about her life and consciousness in a groundbreaking interview.

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The representative anticipates that the technology will have more features and various practical applications in the near future. Aiwawa with artificial intelligence can send you text messages and emails. It will be able to control your family management system. You search the internet to find information. Once your vision is online, it can become your home security system.

The company recently dropped the price of the AI ​​sex doll robot's head and body to under $3,000 and released a new version of its minimalist model. Pass it on: over time, the production costs of all technologies will decrease. This technology will catch up in that regard. The technology allows buyers to customize their silicone sex doll and create unique personalities and sounds.