Sex dolls don't come cheap, which is a comforting fact. Speaking bluntly, high-end sex dolls can cost an arm and a leg. Of course you want your money's worth and the last thing you want is to be "blessed" by an inferior doll. This will be an extremely stressful situation. But how to avoid this situation? Well, you can get instructions from doll experts like us to evaluate the quality of doll making.

Believe it or not, if you spend a few minutes analyzing whether you could become a doll's companion, there are several ways to determine the quality of a sex doll. As a helpful host, we will introduce you to specific methods and methods that will help you determine the design and overall quality of each sex doll.

Material properties of sex dolls

Material quality of love dolls
The most obvious and perhaps most useful clue is the type of material used to care for the doll. In the operational age, manufacturers can only use two types of materials, namely TPE and silicone. Therefore, you do not need to carry an encyclopedia to identify the type of material. Both materials have certain aspects that make them different from each other. However, the difference is not quality-oriented. To elaborate further, TPE and silicone have their own advantages. Both materials are very soft and smooth. They feel like real skin, and the human-like texture further increases the practical value. Another feature of TPE and silicone is that they are hardly affected by minor wear. This can make them look like real skin.

Therefore, the bottom layer material lacks a smooth and soft texture. In addition, it is unduly sensitive and easily affected by the tiniest of scratches. This is an incredible memory.

Active surface promotes allergies

Active surface allergy
In case you are wondering, we will not disclose that inferior silicone mini sex doll have nut allergies. The joke is that whether it's TPE or silicone, the doll doesn't suffer from allergies or side effects from lubricants or standard detergents. In other words, if lubricant is used, the doll will not suffer any injury or accidental damage.

Under normal circumstances, the doll will not develop any susceptibility to allergies or reactions. This only happens when the doll owner uses non-standard items on their doll. In addition, this doll is hardly allergic to your skin. All dolls are tested and inspected many times to ensure they will not cause any harm to the owner. You can rest assured that you will not experience any stimulation if you are addicted to doll lovers. However, this does not apply to low-level servers. These dolls are almost helpless for allergies and reactions. In addition, they may not be very skin-friendly. Your best bet is to quickly review the doll you are considering investing in.

Austen 163cm Ultra Real Silicone Adult Sex Doll

Bad smell

Simply put, sex dolls don't emit a terrible smell. It has never been the case that dolls have an almost foul smelling and disgusting odor. If you are lazy to clean the doll or complain about the cleaning and maintenance of the doll, you may smell something that can exactly be considered awful. In any other case, however, the smell is nothing to worry about. Switch to lower quality dolls and the whole process will be reversed. These dolls are not made of standard release TPE or silicone. Therefore, they emit an odor that matches your sense of smell. That's just an apparent lack of inferior materials. However, the most serious part of the problem is that you cannot remove this smell from the doll. No matter how you clean the doll or how efficiently you use the doll, that bad smell will always exist.

As mentioned earlier, the only problem with quality dolls is unpleasant odors if you don't keep them tidy. Therefore, this is a very clear indicator that can lead you to low quality dolls.

Inexperienced manufacturer

We're not saying that every new name in the love doll industry is a weak manufacturer. Our focus is on the expertise and required expertise that can help create great dolls. If the manufacturer does not have these qualities, then you cannot fully expect the latest dolls. But how do we know if the manufacturer has the necessary expertise? Lords of the digital age. Just look at the manufacturer's reviews and ratings. You don't have to risk anything. A simple internet search will suffice. When you buy a doll from a trusted online market, the operation becomes easier. Here you can clearly see all the overall reviews of the manufacturer and its products. As simple as that.

Incredibly cheap doll

Incredibly cheap dolls
Finally, we discussed the price factor. The obvious fact is that adult love dolls don't come cheap. Full length dolls can cost a lot of money. However, there are some very cheap dolls. But you must know that fraud can usually be covered up. In short, if you come across a seller who is selling dolls at an inordinately high "viable" price, try not to succumb to that temptation. You will definitely get a low quality doll. We recommend you to stay away from scams that may take away your hard-earned scam. It's never worth it. Normal dolls see price reductions during special sales or promotions. This gives you a good opportunity to buy good dolls at a low price. Many trusted online stores offer credit lines that you can easily select.