Electric gate

An electric gate is a barrier through which electric current passes to control the flow of an area. It may also be able to be moved in and out, or swing on hinges. Electric gates are most commonly found at entrances to private yards and homes but can also be found in public areas such as streets.

Electric gates use the alternating current that powers an electrical distribution system, typically 120V AC (as opposed to direct current) for operation. Their primary function is controlling pedestrian access for safety reasons, with relay circuits ensuring that pedestrians cannot enter if others are exiting an area and vice versa. Electric gates can also have other functions such as providing lighting or automated opening/closing.

The most common form of an electric gate is a pedestrian gate, which controls pedestrian traffic across an access control point and consists of a powered section that swings open into the path of travel. Electric gates are commonly used at entrances to residential neighborhoods and office complexes to prevent vehicles from unauthorized access. The main types of pedestrian gates are swing gates, barrier arm gates, vehicle-activated barriers (vibra), sliding or rolling horizontal doors, swinging vertical doors and rising portcullises. Read More.......... https://www.bayarea-automaticgates.com/