Farm implements are widely operated for thriving farming. Also, farming equipment is the tool to grow any crop with total efficiency and minimum time and struggle. Pagro is the most powerful and excellent farm machinery manufacturer brand. The brand is one of the leading and largest agriculture solutions segments, producing many ideal farm equipment. As the company still has a significant presence in the Indian agriculture industry. The company is famous and popular among Indian farmers due to its highly efficient products. And, all the machinery comes under an economical price range so that marginal farmers can easily buy it.   

Below you get 2 popular farm equipment for enhancing farm productivity without investing much money.  

Pagro Rotary Mulcher

Pagro Tractor Mulcher is one the best equipment which comes in a tillage category. And the implement has 45 - 90 hp implement power that offers work efficiency. Also, it helps in maintaining soil fertility in the farmers. And the price of this efficient tool is economical.     

Pagro Super Seeder

Pagro Tractor Super Seeder comes in a Seeding And Planting category. It is used for sowing seeds in the fields, and this implement is used to remove stubble & paddy roots. Super Seeder price is very  economical for farmers. 

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