Maruti Suzuki's Super Carry Mini Truck is a high-performance vehicle built with cutting-edge technical solutions. Let us look into some of them below: 

Engine Performance 

With Super Carry minitruck, you get a powerful engine that will promote a stronger stride ahead. The minitruck is packed with 4 cylinders and the multi-point fuel injection G12B BS engine. With this robust engine, you get 72 HP and 85 Nm of torque. 


With the Super Carry Minitruck, you can save more, as Super Carry mileage is significantly higher, 18.08 kmpl, which lets you go an extra mile. This mini truck is also equipped with a 5-speed transmission, ensuring both- greater profits and greater savings. 

Higher Stability

Super Carry Minitruck has a wheelbase of 2110MM that ensures better stability is provided when carrying heavier loads. 

Smoother Drive Experience

Super Carry Minitruck provides the smoothest driving experience with the easiest handling ensuring no load feels too heavy. The minitruck features a smooth car-like gear shift and a bigger and lighter steering wheel, ensuring better control and comfort. The minitruck also features a turning radius point of 4.3m that will facilitate easy manoeuvring through compact roads. The supreme strut assembly is another USP of the minitruck that enhances stability. The sturdy and powerful leaf spring suspension makes for a better load-bearing capacity as well.


The Super Carry is no doubt a top-of-a-line minitruck in the entire commercial vehicle segment. The price for this truck starts from Rs 5.60 Lakhs to 6.05 Lakhs in the Indian market.