Pillows are as important as your mattress. It helps you keep the upper body properly aligned but also helps you sleep in a better position, relieving pressure off the body and counterbalancing different points in the body. A pillow should fit one’s body. Each pillow has its unique shape, curve, and sleeping position that helps alleviate different pressure points. You need your unique pillow, especially if you have an elderly in the house that needs to be taken care of. Keep reading further to know more about different types of pillows that help your body rest and relax much better.


1. Leg Support Pillow:

Legs are the ones that bear the weight of the whole body, and in most elders, we find that they have sore feet. So, that needs to be taken care of. And so, to help protect their feet is where leg support pillows come into play. It helps elevate the legs of the elderly, helping them relieve the pain of the sore legs or any injuries.


Good leg support helps with proper blood circulation, preventing blood clots, swelling, and pain in the feet. Also, it helps keep the legs lifted while they sleep, giving the veins a break. It is also good for back pains, as it helps the back posture better. It also helps reduce the swelling of the feet by literally taking pressure off them. It helps the body to settle down completely to rest and position the body in a better way. 


2. Neck Support Pillow:

Neck support pillows help the elderly to sleep in a better position, which helps them get a good night’s sleep. It helps with all kinds of sleepers. Starting from the stomach sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers, and so on. For people sleeping on their back, it acts as a comfortable yet fluffy pillow that aligns with the neck properly. For people sleeping on their side, it takes the shape of the head, providing them with the maximum amount of comfort. For stomach sleepers, it ensures that the neck is properly aligned with the spine, which helps with a good night’s sleep.


3. Back Support Pillow:

Back support pillows are important for any age group of people. Especially with the kind of lifestyle people have these days. It is next to no physical work. So, to improve the body's posture, you need this pillow. It helps offer relief from back pains and promotes better sitting positioning for the user. These pillows help absorb excess weight, take some pressure off the neck, and are less straining to the shoulders and back.  


4. Head Support Pillows:

Head support pillows play a crucial role in helping you sleep better. It helps provide the right alignment to your neck and shoulders while you sleep. Also, it affects the kind of sleep and works for all sleeping styles. It is eventful for small babies and the elderly. As with age, it becomes difficult to hold the weight of your head over the neck. As elderly people and babies are the ones that spend most of their time lying in bed, therefore it is needed to support their head and hold it in a position that does not disturb their sleep. 



As you age, you need different types of pillows to support your different body parts. Using them has more benefits. It helps you rest and relaxes those muscles even while you sleep, improves blood circulation, and improves your sleep. It helps take the pressure off the neck and shoulders or feet, which carry the body's most weight. So, to improve your overall body posture, you need these pillows to help you out.