There was a time when authors and publishers avoided summer book launches, but those rules have gone out the window. Today's news cycle (and the internet) operate 24/7, 365 days a year. It's brought ad adjustment in book marketing services, and summer is a good time to launch books in various genres. If you do, some season-specific approaches can improve your chances of success. One is to keep in mind that media coverage is often progressive – you begin with local media, work up to regional outlets, and then go for national exposure. You can use summer to start your local outreach.

Summer, especially late summer, can be slow news periods leaving editors and producers with space and air time to fill. If you offer yourself and your book as potential stories or show interview topics, you might receive an invitation. Logically, making your pitch during a less competitive period may help you land more desirable interviews and story coverage. Once you've accumulated those, you can move up to more significant media and become more competitive. Editors and producers like to see that you've already been covered and the appearances have been successful.

For authors, honing your skills as an interview guest is supremely important. If you do some smaller podcasts over the summer and have time to review your performance, you'll be better prepared for upcoming opportunities. If you choose to go on a book tour, summer weather makes for less complicated travel, and people may have more free time to attend your events. As long as you adapt them to the season's conditions, they can be just as successful as those held at other times of the year. To the extent that some media still plan, you can earn coverage for upcoming dates.

No matter when you plan to publish a book, it's never too soon to begin building your social media following. Post at least a couple of times a week and watch for posts that are the most successful. The trick is to post things current followers will share to help you reach a broader audience. Making a last-minute effort on social media when you release your book can be challenging. If you've been a steadily rising star for some time, your book will add to the momentum – and be lifted by all that you've accomplished already. Successful book marketing during summer requires a well-rounded campaign.