Choosing a marketing agency in America can help your organization achieve its long-term and short-term business goals. There are a lot of options available when choosing a marketing company but marketing firms are not created equal. Whilst working with a marketing firm can be a great investment in the future of your company, hiring the wrong company can cost you resources, time, credibility and money in the long run. With all that said, here are some top characteristics to look for to ensure you are partnering with a great marketing firm.


Digital expertise

A good marketing firm has expertise across multiple digital channels because users spend time browsing, accessing content and researching ideas across multiple channels, devices and a wide diversity of platforms. We, therefore, recommend choosing an agency that has a proven track record of driving sales online. The marketing agency should also be proficient in email marketing, nurturing, social strategies, website development, marketing automation, landing page creation and so on.



Measurements, data and analytics are very important components of successful marketing campaigns since they prove the value of your marketing initiatives and enable good decision-making. That is why good marketing firms use these measures to measure their success. Charting the effectiveness of each campaign also keeps you in the knowhow on the progress of the agency toward achieving your goals. Great marketing agencies use analytics to measure the results of all their actions.


An emphasis on storytelling and content

Content remains a central tenant in marketing and this means that the agency you partner with should have expertise in content creation. In addition to having excellent content creation skills that attract, convert and retain customers, they should also tell the story of your company in an appealing way and give you an advantage over your competitors. The agency you hire should understand how content should be unique at different stages of marketing and sales as well as for different channels.


Design focused

A beautiful and thoughtful design will increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and strategies by inspiring visitors to use your content. It is, therefore, important that your marketing firm understands how to use design effectively to resonate with your market.


Proper knowledge of your customer

A good marketing company should be well-versed in customer acquisition and retention. This can be done by having and gaining knowledge of your customers and market; meeting the needs of your audience and providing value for your customers. The marketing company you work with should prioritize the needs and desires of your customers and build marketing campaigns around these needs and desires. This will ensure a successful and authentic brand.


Focus on the growth of your business

Your marketing agency in America should focus on the growth of your business. Whilst some companies focus only on user engagement, beautiful designs or lead generation, they are not the best ones. Great agencies understand that the goal of marketing is to drive user engagement, business growth and revenue. They should, therefore, think between marketing and focusing on the long-term revenue goals of your business.