If you are a bachelor and move to a new city for work, then the biggest problem you face would be renting a flat. Of course, it will be better to rent than buy as you are still exploring your career and there is no point in buying a flat in a new city even if you have the money. Give priority to your career and not a permanent roof over your head.


Therefore, your best option is to rent a flat, but finding a flat is not easy if you are a bachelor. 

You might face some challenges, but don’t get disappointed as it is how society is and you should learn to manage it accordingly. These are the challenges you might face while renting an apartment.

High Rents and Deposits


In most cases, single people will have to pay high rent and deposits as compared to other people. Some landlords make you pay more rent by claiming that there are regulations which forbid them to rent flats to single people, which will put you in a place in which you have to offer more than the market price.

Landlords might ask you to pay massive deposits because, as a bachelor, if you do not like a particular place, it is very easy for you to shift from one flat to another. This will be bad for landlords and massive deposits will ensure that you won’t leave their flats anytime soon.


Deep Rooted Biases


Some landlords can be very judgemental without even talking to you. They might judge you based on the way you dress, your name, your food preference, etc. Tattoos and ripped jeans will cause instant judgments in conservative landlords. There have been cases where bachelors got rejected due to their tattoos.


If you eat non-veg, then some flats have a strict no-no for you. In some flats, your pets won’t be allowed. These will all leave you with fewer options to find an apartment. But there are plenty of apartment owners and builders who are progressive and won’t judge you.

Demand Stability


As a single person, you don't have a lot of stability in your life. Because you don't have a family to feed and you want growth in your life, you make hasty decisions. This may be one of the reasons landlords do not give bachelors their flats for rent.

No Parties


In many flats, the landlords will strictly prohibit parties, especially for bachelors. Some landlords completely reject bachelors for this reason. You can talk to them and try to convince them that you will not frequently party and that the property will not be damaged in any way.



In apartment hunting, you will have to face some absurd interrogation and this is more problematic for women. The landlords might warn you against having a boyfriend or girlfriend and bringing them into the apartment.

Nuisance and Disruptions


Landlords believe that a single person's tendency to listen to loud music or stay up late watching movies creates a problem for other people in the community. They resist renting flats to bachelors for this reason.