The live social entertainment platform 17 Live is available in eight markets across the world. 


Jeffery Huang established the company in Taiwan for the first time in 2015.


Since entering the Japanese market in 2017, the company has retained its top spot, growing to become the largest platform for live entertainment in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other nations. More than 2 million active users visit the platform each month, and it currently has more than 46K contracted artists globally. 


17 Live has faced numerous challenges throughout the years in addition to its success. The 2018 US IPO attempt that was unsuccessful was the most notable.  Since then, the company has reiterated its commitment to transforming and reforming the industry. The appointment of current CEO Hirofumi is among some important measures.

Jeffery Huang launched 17 Media (now 17Live) in 2015 in Taiwan. 


In order to integrate with dating software Paktor and expand to Japan and Hong Kong, 17 Media closed out a US$33M series B [5] round in 2017. 17 Media rose to the top position in Japan's market within a year. 


As it prepared for a failed US IPO in 2018, the company raised $25M in a series C transaction.


 The corporation persisted in pushing for global expansion despite the failure of its IPO bid, forming 'LIVIT' for English-speaking markets to enter the US, India, and North Africa. 


In Japan, 10 million people downloaded 17's flagship live streaming app in 2019[3], and the company is still working to expand both organically and inorganically.


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