It took me 4 levels to finally get a huge shark to be mounted and even use my current level of construction. It is likely to OSRS Gold be called a big bass, and is noticeably different from other bass you could encounter. It should be transported to Canifis to be mounted, and put in the trophy room.

Okay I've got the bottom of the sceptre. I also acquired the right skull from minotaurs. All I require is the left skull and the other bottom of the sceptre. However, I'll need to fight the ankous I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to take on the ankous. So these are my stats. Since I have to kill several ankous, I don't know how long I'll survive to obtain the left brain half. Thank You for Answereing!

Since Pking is basically dead a pure isn't really going to do much any more, but you can still create one if you wish. Train Attack and Strengh on Dummies in Varrock, once you get to the highest level you can get on them, you can begin taking on goblins, men, chicken and so on. You can progress to more powerful npcs as your levels increase. I recommend that you work on your strength and attack at five levels. It would be very effective to train in this manner.

5 Attack 5 Strength, 5 Strength, 10 att, and Cheap OSRS Accounts finally 10 strength (you will be able to train at 25-30) 35 str 30 att. 35 att, 45 str, 40 att 50 str. 45 att 55 str 50 att (if you want to get a gmaul, then you could train str like mad, stop at attack).