Are you sad to see that the time for the PS4 is evidently coming to D2R Items an end? And when do you think that Sony will stop making the console? Pac-Man Museum+ Apparently Broken on Xbox Game PassPacMan Museum+ is available on several platforms on Friday as well as Xbox Game Pass.

A lot of subscribers enjoyed the idea of playing the classic Pac-Man arcade game as part their subscriptions, but the game is suffering from various technical issues currently.

On social media, a lot of Xbox gamers have complained about issues with the collection of games available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, as well as Xbox Series X. According to reports, gamers have been experiencing problems with input lags and game's performance, and struggles to get the game to launch in any way after the developer and publisher logos appear.

At this time, the issues are mainly confined on the Xbox versions. I am currently writing reviewing that Nintendo Switch version of Pac-Man Museum+ but have yet to find an issue with loading times, or issues with booting up the game.

Perhaps, Bandai Namco will take notice of these issues and will make some changes to the Xbox editions, but for the moment, players may just have to settle for other games on Game Pass!

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