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    надо хорошо все сбалансировать... чтобы  и интересно было сделать..  фвыа фва ыф аджоыфаыф ва ываы фваыфлва ыфжва оыджфо аджывфо аыв аы ва ывфдла ыфжо адыжоф адыфо аыо аджо ыфа фы фыва ыфв дож    ладно дело его.. 
    By Юрий Остроушко 2020-06-14 19:49:52 2 20
    From the moment you arrive in the FIFA Mobile Coins
    From the moment you arrive in the FIFA Mobile Coins Overseer's Campsite, you ought to have enough raw material to craft a full set of leather armor (actually modding a few or all the pieces to boiled leather) and either mod your pipe pistol or make a pipe revolver. Get to crafting pronto, cook any raw food which you have, and get going southwest to Flatwoods, maintaining your machete out to deal with the mongrels and Mister Handy you encounter on the road there. These utilities, and the Stash...
    By Rsgoldfast Best 2020-05-26 01:52:43 0 19
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