Follow the guidelines to write a good nursing research paper

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Following the rubric is the first step to getting an "A". The rubric is a guideyou need to use when writing your research paper. Like me, faculty use the rubric for scoring the quality of written responses in accordance with specific criteria.

This is the rubric you will be graded against. It is important to adhere to it. Please read the entire rubric. It is important that you read it. Sometimes I've read a paper and thought one of these things. How to write a nursing research paper?

Was the student even able to look at the rubric. This research paper was written by someone else? Don't make us think about this for a second. This will allow us to read your research paper more critically. This is where I prepare for the worst case scenario. Did you actually read the book, article, or research necessary to create this paper? Do you try to pull the wool over my eyes by pretending you know what I am talking about?

Imagine your professor sitting down to grade you paper. One screen is for your paper, the other screen is for the rubric. As I go through your paper, I scroll down my rubric. Your paper does not follow the rubric.

This rubric was created by faculty members to simplify grading and make it easier for you to write about what we want. You must follow the rubric.

What's the difference between style and grammar? Grammar is the foundation of writing and language rules. It refers to how to make sentences "make sense." Style is a gray area in grammar and its use.

Style refers to a set or preferences that aren't syntactic rules. Style is often described as: Avoid contractions, avoid passive voices and don't end sentences with prepositions.

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