It's true that you can always locate a running back in the latter rounds of the draft. But, the Jags think they've found a special one in Etienne. Urban Meyer, the head coach, claimed that the former Tiger might be a "legitimate dual threat". In the rookie minicamp in the spring, he also played wide receiver. Robinson is expected to remain the Jaguars leading back when they play in 2022, however Etienne is expected to play a key role in the offensive. Jacksonville is unlikely to be able to count on two running backs that can reach 1,000 yards this year, but they could make an excellent team. The Jags' ground ranking should be much better than it was last year in which they ranked 31st in rush touchdowns. Robinson played in a league-leading 86% of the team's carryers in 2020. This percentage is likely to fall during the season, however it's not necessarily a bad thing. Last season, he was the only reliable running back that the Jaguars could find on their roster and they could have overworked him, as he missed the final two games because of an ankle injury. Clemson's players can play on the field for football, and the Jaguars will not experience any decrease in their production. It's true that Robinson won't total 1,400 yards of scrimmage time, but he'll be fresher since Etienne is able to take him off the field from time the time. If you want to know more about NFL,you can visit
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