This is due to the limited number of next-generation systems that will be installed in homes. "I believe there is always an issue of taking the time needed to ensure the title is incredible and also taking note of what the installed base appears as," says Zelnick. "The installed base will look a lot smaller next week than it would be towards the end of the calendar in 2021." The next-gen consoles won't be a significant portion of profits of Take-Two or other publishers anytime soon, not until their release schedules are synchronized up with PS5 and Xbox Series X. Zelnick is confident about their potential to bring to the gaming industry. Much like a lot of gamers However, he does consider that the size of the hard drives on both systems could be lacking. And Take-Two, so far, hasn't been a huge fan regarding cloud gaming, which means this could be a pain issue for the company as well as players of its games. NBA 2K League finalizes 265-player draft pool for 2021 If you want to know more about NBA 2K22,you can visite
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