Although George and Jackson were the most talked about but the Clippers scores were more in line with the expectations, though they were lower than I anticipated. This is how they were ranked. While George and Jackson were the most famous players with surprising ratings, others' ratings for the Clippers were like what I expectedhowever, they were less than I was expecting. The game's players are starting to take advantage of the game's Post Hook stat. A viral TikTok brought it to an extreme in a manner that could be sure to make Peter Griffin proud. The 2K22 TikTok from October 10 shows a player who consistently takes hook shots in the depths of. It is essentially using "Post Hook" from Post Hook. The Posterizer badge is activated almost every time the player can perform this feat in the video. Only one exception is the first shot. If you want to know more about NBA 2K22,you can visite
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