Following the last update on trading with friends, where it is possible to trade more frequently with long-term relationships, I began thinking about the idea of launching Runescape Union, a money transfer club. (Instead Western Union. It would allow large sums of money to be moved between different organizations. This is what my plan is. Normal clans could accelerate the process through having one member act as secretary of finance. All members of that clan must be friends with the secretary. The secretary is also an members of exchange clans. These members will become friends with the secretary of a different clan as well members from other clans of exchange which allows for money to be swapped between clans (Like betting or pots). In addition, non-clan players can also befriend these exchange clans, so again large sum of money can be exchanged. RWT is not recommended in this way since money must go through multiple hands. It's similar to this. I have been going between the two game ever since 2005 when I started playing. Although I was always a player I always had fun playing it. However, after the wilderness was gone I was unable to play for the second time because of all the EP%s and other such. If you want to know more about OSRS,you can visit
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