FFXIV also comes with an extremely acclaimed expansion in the form of Shadowbringers which is ranked as one of the greatest Final Fantasy stories of the more than 15 years. It is among the highest praises I've ever heard of an ESO story. Do it ! I've completed the base game and have been having fun every second, I don't feel the need to hurry to finish the game because of Ilevel sync, which makes even old content still difficult, the fact that there are fun activities that go beyond killing hoboing around is fantastic, I've recently started racing chocobo my self, and the players I've played in dungeons will not give up when they wipe their slates and help you out if you need help. I'm currently playing FF currently, but I'm not able to make an reason to avoid ESO. Both games are enjoyable each in their own way. Final Fantasy strikes me as much more of an interactive game and its story is in line with the main line Final Fantasy game. On the other hand I think ESO lets you be more immersed in the world. If you know your Nirn that you're a Nirn, then ESO can provide you with so numerous avenues to be part of it. The biggest issue for many is the combat aspect, FF feels much more like WoW. ESO is more like GW2 and the final rotations in ESO seem a little ridiculous, not from a length however, but from a gameplay perspective. If you want to know more,you can visite https://www.mywowgold.com/
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