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  • How Much Do You Know About Eyebrow Twitching?
      Everyday things, including caffeine, stress, and eyestrain can cause Eyebrow Twitching. It may also indicate an underlying disorder, such as Bell's palsy or Tourette syndrome. Most people will experience eyebrow twitching sometime in their lives. Twitching of the eyebrow is when the skin around the eyebrow spasm or moves involuntarily. It commonly occurs when the eyelid twitches, as...
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  • Signs He Pretending Not To Like You
      If you think your man is playing games and sending unclear signals? Are you not sure about his feeling for you? In this post, we will tell you the signs he pretending not to like you and how to read his mind. A man is full of fixed signals sometimes he is passionate other times he is cold. Sometimes he is in love other times he doesn't care. The strange behaviour is an unborn quality of...
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