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  • Pit Viper ski goggles
    They have a few different models to choose from, including the polarized Pit Viper Night Fall. This model pays tribute to legends who have fought wildfires. It's a double wide, meaning you'll have twelve millimeters more room than the standard version. Viper sunglasses Pit Viper safety glasses are strong, durable, and feature a float-resistant design. They also offer 100% UV protection from...
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  • Pit Viper absolute freedom
    Pit Viper is an American company that makes an array of products ranging from sunglasses to flags to hats. The company's marketing is aimed at both consumers and the military. Its most successful product, the Pit Viper Safety Glasses, is designed to keep your eyes protected in the toughest of situations. It is no secret that the pit viper is one of the best looking safety glasses on the market....
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  • twisted tea Pit Vipers
    While they're not the cheapest sunglasses on the market, their protective qualities make them a worthwhile purchase. Not only do these glasses look great, but they also protect your eyes, a must for any outdoor enthusiast. Overall, Pit Viper polarized safety glasses are a solid choice. They're more affordable than some of their competitors, and they also come with an additional set of earpieces.
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  • yankee noodle
    Founded in 2012, Pit Viper is an outdoor apparel and sunglasses company. It started out as a ski bum selling shades from a van. Today, it has 70 employees and a 30,000 square foot warehouse. The company's marketing campaign features tongue-in-cheek pinups. There's a lot of mullet wearers, beer-swilling, denim-clad bros, and nudity. Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin, the founders of Pit Viper 2000,...
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  • Pit Viper sunglasses 1993
    Another option is the Lumalens Petrol Ion Lens, which has a slightly mirrored finish. Like the Pit Viper Black Lens, this one is made from recycled materials. However, the Lumalens Petrol Ion has a darker look and is more versatile than the regular black lens. If you're a fan of a more traditional design, you should check out the Bolle Chronoshield. These sunglasses are big and wide and they...
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  • Pit Viper stickers
    When you buy a pair of Pit Viper 2000 sunglasses, you'll be able to enjoy a 45-day return policy. After you've made your purchase, you'll receive tracking codes in your shipment email. While these shades aren't for everyone, they are great for people who are active in the outdoors. They're durable and can withstand a variety of tough situations.
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  • Pit Vipers pink
    The best prescription Pit Vipers baseball sunglasses of the 21st century have to do with protection, and protection is what these sunglasses offer. From UV rays to stray balls, these Pit Bulls will take care of the damage. And although they don't have polarized lenses, they do have extremely well-poured rubber lens. This will cut down on any glare.   So if your cool factor is setting the...
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  • Pit Viper XS
    You can also buy your Pit viper sunglasses online with our online sunglasses coupon code. When you enter this code at checkout, you will be eligible to receive your discount. Just make sure you enter the code at checkout. If you are still unsure of the code, just contact customer care for more information.   There are plenty of reasons why you should purchase your Pit sunglasses with our...
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  • Pit Viper Miami Nights
    The main advantage of Pit Viper sunglasses sale is that you will be able to find all of the style, colors and sizes that you need. You can also buy your lenses online. If you are not comfortable with the idea of buying your lenses online then you may want to ask others who have purchased their lenses online. They may be able to provide you with some great pointers. There are many advantages of...
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  • ronnie mac Pit Viper
    The Pit Viper Polarised edition sunglasses also provides the added benefit of helping to eliminate the large amounts of glare that can be caused by the water, especially when it is splashed or drained. The glare can be greatly reduced when the sunglasses are worn with wide face, round oval, or oval shaped glasses. The Pit Viper XS frame is also wide, which helps to make it much easier for the...
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